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HEART PUP on Shark Tank

HeartPup offers Free Custom Fit when adding a note at checkout with your height, weight & dog weight.  

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HeartPup Cute Customer Pics and Reviews by Heart Pup Dog Carrier Pet Sling News


Celebs love HeartPup.com Slings, when bringing pet with them when attending a wedding.


Our Cute Customers like @DanielleShininSmile #loves the sling while #cooking, Gizmo loves being carried in a www.HeartPup.com Sling 🤗 ... Puppy 🚴🏻 #Ride time 🎁 best gift ever #HeartPup 💙🐶 #chef #Healthy #getitdone #active #food #happy #getit #loveit #SharkTank #SharkTankNation #Shop #StreetFashion SharkTankBlog Shark Tank

Puppies 🚴🏻 #BikeRide with the #pet in a www.HeartPup.com sling 🎁 best gift ever #HeartPup 💙🐶 #TodayInLA #workout #active #outdoors #bike #beachbike #happy #beach #malibuedogbeach #venicebeach #ABC7EyeWitness #SharkTank #SharkTankNation #Shop #StreetFashion @abcSharkTank



More Cute Customer Examples who love using Heart Pup As Seen on TV show Shark Tank on abc, and you too will heart using our pet slings for years to come.

Bicycles rides have never been more fun then they are when you bring your puppy inside a calming swaddle puppy papoose pouch dog bag buy Heart Pup, the inside attached harness clip keeps your pet put while the large outside pocket fits everything so no need to bring a purse. Grab a beach bike and have the best day ever cruising around with your best friend.

Even kitties love it inside Heart Pup Pet Purse Carrier two shoulder calming swaddle so anxiety will be a thing of the past when your looking for a cat carrier to harness clip your kitten into on the way to the vet or out on the town to the groomers or for a fun walk or a day or shopping.

We have thousands of happy customers posting on social media, look up @HeartPup on any platform for more fun ways the world is using our patented two shoulder ergonomic fashionable, functional, and comfortable sling carrier tote bags.


Even Skiing has never been as much fun or as easy as when you clip your pets harness onto the harness strap attached inside Heart Pup carriers like these customers comment.

Staying in town on the weekend, great, bring your pet into the movie theatre and no one will know when you hide the pet inside Heart Pup carriers under your coat. Then make a fun video showing how like this customer did and get a thousand views with 80 comments too. That's how fun and unique these patented slimbs are to wear! 



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works great for the full list of small dog breeds

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Written by Heart Pup — May 03, 2017

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