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Scarf Sling Red Carriers

BLOOD ORANGE DARK CORAL KNIT SWEATER WOOL SCARF SLING small dog carrier pet bag for easy travel with your dog by HeartPup PUPPY POCKET SCARF SLING by HeartPup scarf petcarrier perfect for a chihuahua or other small dog!

Amazing style and comfort for the fashionable. Your pup will heart this scarf looking sling that encompasses pup on all sides for support but looks like a cute scarf and fits comfortably under your jacket. Often avail in all colors so make a note of the color flexibility/preference at checkout. You'll love this Puppy Pocket Scarf Sling Pet Carrier by HeartPup!

Will the Puppy Pocket Scarf Sling FIT my small dog? Yea, I use 100% Italian wool cashmere blend so it has a little stretch for you and your pups comfort but is very STRONG so will support up to a 10lb pup easy. Plus my design has a deep bowl e.g. concave portion is deep enough for bigger pup but tilts so a smaller pup doesn't sink. :) Happy past customers with pups from 2.5LB to 17LB. Yay