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HeartPup offers Free Custom Fit when adding a note at checkout with your height, weight & dog weight.  

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Due to the handmade nature of our unique, patented, and custom fitted Scarf Slings and Pet Harnesses, our shipping times may vary from 1 day to 2 moths. This largely depends on when we re-air on abc's Shark Tank due to the significant number of simultaneous orders at that time. For the same reason, we may need up to 10 business days to respond to questions so only one message at a time per customer is answered on a first come first serve basis. Due to the unique products, these are patented so by submitting your order you agree to respect our inventions under a do not compete and do not disclose basis that anyone you gift the item to you must also ask them to agree to these terms before accepting the gift. We have the highest quality, fashionable, functional, and comfortable products so in that spirit we only do exchanges due to the unpredictable dog skin conditions and hygiene unpredictability, so similar to buying underwear, we never re-sell an item that is returned for exchange (instead we have the item professionally cleaned and donate to animal shelters and veterinarian offices). However our customers happiness is so important to us that we will do a free exchange that we custom fit the the pets weight, the humans height and weight (and another color/fabric) when available. Check out our cute customers/celeberties blog page for many testimonials saying how this is the best purchase/gift they have ever gotten and well worth the any wait/exchange and how happy they always are under our policies.

You and your pup will heart this!

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