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Ergonomic dog micro bead bag bed

The much loved human bead bag is now available for dogs! 

Made especially for dogs with illness or disability to help cushion the body all around the pet, helping them to ease in and relax. Works a bit like a swaddle.

The fabric mimics a mother’s fur, making it soothing for any pet. Plus the fur is self warming using the pet’s own body heat for those chillie nights.

We use eco friendly micro beads and infuse them with calming lavender essential oils to sooth any pet. The cover is removable for easy washing.

Although this bed has extra pillows inside for double fabric insulation, we do not recommended this for dogs who are chewers.

By purchasing this bed, you are agreeing to take full responsibility for your pet. You are releasing  HeartPup from any liability. Chewing through this bed could become a choking hazard (filled with none toxic ECO FRIENDLY micro beads). Please supervise your pet if you are unsure. We have used it for our dogs for years but they are none chewers :)


*The feel of the beads is very similar to most micro-bead neck pillows.

(These are currently partly hand made so please allow about a month for delivery)







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