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Lefty Sapphire Wool Dog Sling

Single layer light weight wool on the left side with side pocket and harness clip.

This is the same as the original Shark Tank version but newly improved with edge binding now available for heavier dogs. This sling has slightly wider straps for more support and a deeper pouch in the back good for smaller to medium dogs alike. 

Based on feedback from customers, we made this on the left side. It is still the same fit as the original, just sits a bit more towards the left. This way lefty’s and repeat customers can get something different.

Best for dogs under 12 pounds. People of any size. Please notate dog’s weight as well as person’s height and weight or t-shirt size at checkout for a more custom fit. You can also email us this info. 

*Slip on puppy body harness pictured, is sold separately.