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CAN I WASH MY SLING?:  While it is okay to wash it under hand wash/gentle cycle in cold water, every washing machine varies and fabrics could react differently to your washing detergent.  Therefore, we cannot take liability and we recommend that you hand wash or dry clean your sling.
EXCHANGES:  We offer a one time courtesy size exchange as we want every customer to have a size that works best for them.  Shipping charges on sale items are not included.  Please allow 2-4 weeks for your hand made exchange (current wait times may be double due to the demand, while we wait for our factory inventory).  PLEASE EMAIL US FOR AN EXCHANGE FORM.

RETURNS:  PLEASE NOTE SALE ITEMS ARE ALWAYS FINAL and refunds are not accepted.  A one time size exchange (if necessary) does apply to sale items.  Since these are pet products, for hygienic purposes, as well as these being special order handmade items, we do not accept returns.  Only approved clean and new returned slings with no hair or perfumes etc will be accepted.  Otherwise, you may be charged at our discretion for a restocking fee.  This fee consists of the cost of the sling and/or a dry cleaning fee so we can donate it since we cannot resell, exchange or refund a used item.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding on this matter.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SLING STYLES/COLOR:  We offer several sling colors but all styles are the same original ergonomically best-loved patent pending design.  Our favorite original best seller is a thin, light weight wool cashmere blend that helps you hide your pup under your jacket with your clothes for a fashion scarf look.  The cotton cashmere blend is an all finished edge sling (fabrics may slightly vary).  All slings now come with a large pocket for your keys or wallet as well as a safety harness clip for your pet! 
HOW DO I PICK A SIZE:  If you are thin or petite with a small pup then you should pick an EXTRA SMALL if you prefer your pup higher up.  If you are average size with a small or medium sized dog, then the MEDIUM size works best for most.  Go ahead and pick a LARGE if you are full figured or a male.  It's as simple as that!  IT IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA TO INCLUDE YOUR WEIGHT/HEIGHT & PUP SIZE in your order notes for a more custom fit.  If you need an even more custom larger size for you or your pet, then not to worry we can do that as well...a special order fee may apply.

Due to the demand from the recent re-airing of Shark Tank, there is a possible wait of a few days to a few weeks/months depending on fabric/color/size availability of hand made items as well as the current demand. WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE UNEXPECTED LONGER DELAY FROM THE SHARK TANK DEMAND.  PLEASE REST ASSURED THAT WHILE LONGER WAIT TIMES TO RECEIVE YOUR HAND MADE ORDER MAY APPLY, WE DO TAKE CARE OF EVERY ORDER AS FAST AS POSSIBLE AND HAVE HIRED EXTRA HELP TO SPEED UP THE PROCESS WHILE WE WAIT FOR OUR FACTORY TO HELP US MAKE THESE LOVED SLINGS :)