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Sweet and a little edgy, sharp and pleasantly supple, the Cotton Cashmere Mix is the most comfortable Dog Harness ever made in a strong fabric Step in Custom Fit style that goes on Over the Head like a shirt and no need to take it off and put it back on between walks because it is wearable all day comfortably like Madonna…on a good day.  A standout piece of canine cool updated with an "heart and ears" tag-which can be easily engraved-as well as strong 100% cashmere, this soft, pliable, strong HEART PUP fabric over the head harness is custom fit for most dogs up to 6 pounds (just select pet rib circumference being front legs from the size drop down menu above and this cashmere fabric pup harness is comfortable on your pooch to wear all day long and keep him or her safe and looking great when strutting down the boulevards.

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