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Specialty hand made & Co-Op small pet slings

One of a kind hand made slings as well as Co-op items. These are one of a kind hand made items as well as refurbished / discounted items with miner defects for those in need of a more affordable option.

First come first serve, quantity is limited. Please see availability descriptions below. If you are unsure, please email first.


1. Brown knit sweater: 

No side pocket

Holds dogs under 5 pounds

Dog should be comfortable in slings 

Best for those who wear M/L t-shirts 

S t-shirt petite wearers, should use w/teacup pets


 2. Stretchy pink cotton

L to XL t-shirt wearers w/teacup pets


3. Fleece left sided in M & XL t-shirt sizes

Toy size small pets 3.5-6.5 pounds 

Very deep large pouch, not recommended for teacups.


4. Pumpkin peach lefty

S toy or teacups under 6 pounds 


5. Teacup Blue 100% cashmere Barely There sling

No side pocket

Single layer super light fabric for FL, NV, AZ etc.

Teacups under 4 pounds only 

Pup must be comfortable in slings 


6. M t-shirt dark blue S dog Italian boiled wool (Refurbished meaning dyed but unused)

A bit thicker. Should not purchase if sensitive to wool since Italian wool is a bit less soft. 

7. XXS child black wool

If you are all a petite adult with teacup who wants the pup super close up, can also work. Must have narrow shoulders and be on thin side as in size 0.






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